Tour Code: TGZ-02108


21 Days / 20 Nights Tour
Yangon – Putao – Myitkyina – Indawgyi – Bhamo – Riving Cruising – Mandalay – Ngapali Beach – Yangon

Tapestry of Myanmar landscape is woven with dense forest Up North, blue ranges of Shan Plateau, muddy fertile Delta and semi-desert of Central Plain. And thousand miles of Ocean Beaches. All beauties, natural and cultural, thrive on godsends: Monsoon rain and great rivers of Myanmar.

Monsoon ceases as North Wind turns in. Then comes the season of spring when cultural traditions call for festivals. And River Irrawaddy flows at her gentlest form like a silver ribbon adorning a fabric. Spring Irrawaddy.

Being the principal river of Myanmar, Irrawaddy has lived up to nourish the land and its people like a mother. Formed at Myitkyina, about 100 miles upstream from Bhamo, by the glacial rivulets of Himalaya Range, River Irrawaddy flows for 900 miles to empty into Andaman Sea. City States had flourished along this river’s banks and nationhood of Myanmar has sprung out from Mother Irrawaddy. Yet, the dignity of this great Asian river poises solely on her natural beauty.

Day 1:

  • Arrival Yangon by morning.
  • Welcoming at airport and transfer to hotel. Sightseeing the highlights of Yangon. Shwedagon Pagoda and National Museum will give a brief image of Myanmar.
  • Overnight at Yangon.

Day 2:

  • Yangon to Putao (Fort Hertz) by morning flight. Tuesday & Friday only.
  • Putao is situated on western river bank of Mae-Li-Kha, one rivulet to become River Irrawaddy. The place is in the region of Himalaya eastern extremity and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Visiting to villages of local tribes of Rawang, Lisu and Shan would be the feature of this tour.
  • Visit Fort Hertz, one remains of British colonial era.
  • Visit Pann-hlaing Shan Village to see native ways of life.
  • On the way, visit Hkaka-Bo-Razi National Park Gallery.
  • Overnight at Putao.

Day 3:

  • By the morning, take 9 miles car ride to Hta-wah-dam village, which is situated on the west bank of Mae-Li-Kha River.
  • ake a motorized small ferryboat upstream to Kaung-mu-lon Pagoda of Khamti Shan tribe; it is about 1000 meter (5 furlongs). On returning by boat, visit Nan Khan Village, which lay also at the east bank.
  • Overnight at Putao.

Day 4:

  • Visit 14 miles trip to small town of Ma-chan-baw.
  • Along the trip visit: Rawang village.
  • Jing-phaw village, and Lisu village.
  • Overnight at Putao.

Day 5:

  • Putao to Myitkyina by flight. Tuesday & Friday only.
  • Sightseeing around Myitkyina.
  • Overnight at Myitkyina

Day 6:

  • Visit Myit-Sone, confluence of two rivulets Mae-Li-Kha and Mae-Kha, where River Irrawaddy is formed.
  • Overnight at Myitkyina.

Day 7:

  • After breakfast at 06:30 set out to Indawgyi Lake by van car. Indawgyi Lake is 68 miles from Myitkyina by the country road, which takes about 7 hours. Lake sightseeing for the afternoon. Visit Shwe Myitzu Pagoda in the middle of the lake.
  • Overnight would be made at the guest house which is a good view point overlooking the lake and its environs.
  • Overnight at Indawgyi Lake.

Day 8:

  • Whole day sightseeing at Indawgyi Area. Indawgyi is the largest natural lake of Myanmar, 16 miles North to South and during monsoon season the water expanse is 7 miles at its widest. Excluding the swamp around, net water surface is about 45 sq. mile. Among the surrounding ranges, Mt. Shwe-Taung at the north, Mt. Zin-Gong at south and Mt. Kawar-Pun in the north-west are prominent. There are about 40 villages around the lake, majority of populace are fishermen making the livelihood out of great lake.
  • There are 13 creeks flowing right into the lake. And, 3 more creeks, which lost their waterways by dispersing into swamps, are known locally as Unreachable Creeks. Inflowing water levels out by Indaw Creek at the South East of lake, which flows in to Mo-Gaung Rivulet, one tributary of Irrawaddy. Between village excursions, we have an arrangement to visit forest camp of timber logging, where an elephant farm could be seen at work within the camp.
  • Overnight at Indawgyi Lake.

Day 9:

  • Return back to Myitkyina.
  • Overnight at Myitkyina

Day 10:

  • Myitkyina to Bhamo by car (07:00~14:00). Sightseeing down town in Bhamo.
  • Overnight at Bhamo.

Day 11:

  • Bhamo to Mandalay by river cruising chartered boat.
  • Boarding on board R.B Zin Yaw. Commence cruising down-stream on River Irrawaddy at 06:00. Near Sin-hkan (17miles from Bhamo), the boat passes through tall gorges of Second Irrawaddy Defile.
  • Between Sinkan and Shwe-gu is one riverside timber workers’ habitat, where loggers’ livelihood could be observed. Brief elephant riding may be possible to arrange, it depends on timing when elephants are returned to riverside camp. Shore sightseeing at Shwe-Gu, where we can observe gold panning and pottery. (Through out this river passage, it is arranged to serve full board meal, which will be inclusive in Tour price.) Shore sightseeing at Katha (setting town of George Orwell’s Burmese Days) and take the night-rest at suitable anchorage around Katha.
  • Overnight onboard near Katha.

Day 12:

  • Sailing down the river to Inn-Ywa where tributary Shwe-Li River merged into Irrawaddy. Shore sightseeing at Ta-gaung will be main feature of the day. Tagaung had been one of most ancient city of Myanmar, in fact it is the earliest city-state kingdom historically recorded. Arrive Mali by the nightfall.
  • Overnight onboard near Mali (pronounce Ma-lei).

Day 13:

  • Continue boat riding on The River Irrawaddy. Shore sightseeing at riverside towns and villages of Tha-beit-kyin and Kyauk-Myaung. Arrive Shein-ma-gar by the nightfall.
  • Overnight onboard near Shein-ma-gar.

Day 14:

  • Continue boat riding on The River Irrawaddy. Expected time of landing at Mingun is about 10:00 AM. Landed at Mingun Jetty (across Mandalay) to join the children‘s group to tour at Mingun.
  • From Mingun to Sagaing Jetty, Mr. Wood and Guide Nan will take their awaiting Bhamo boat to sail along with children’s boats. Transfer to sightseeing saloon car. Baggage will be carried along in the trunk of sightseeing car. Bhamo boat will be released at Sagaing Jetty. Sightseeing at Sagaing together with children. Return to Mandalay. Check-in at hotel. Usage of car will be as per guests’ requirement for the rest of the day.
  • Overnight at Mandalay.

Day 15:

  • Sightseeing at Ku-tho-daw(where world’s largest book of 729 stone slabs are enshrined), Shwe-kyaung(one of the monuments where most intricate wooden works are used to build), Atu-ma-shi and Royal Palace of Mandalay.
  • Visit Mandalay Hill to enjoy sunset view of Mandalay Plain, River Irrawaddy and Sagaing Hills beyond.

Day 16:

  • Take a sightseeing trip to Mingun across the River Ayeyarwaddy by private boat, to see the world largest (working) bronze bell of Mingun Bell.
    Pahtoedawgyi Pagoda, Hsinbyume Paya and Myatheindan Pagoda.
  • Proceed to Sagaing by the same boat. Sightseeing car will be waiting at Hton-bo Jetty and then tour around Sagaing Area by car. Lunch at Sagaing.
  • Transfer to Oh-Dote-Tan Jetty and proceed to Ava (Innwa) by public ferry sampan boat to cross the Dut-Hta-waddy River, one tributary of River Irrawaddy. Take a horse cart to visit the left-over buildings of the Ava period including Bagayar Monastery, a huge teak wood structure. Visit ‘Maha Aung-mye Bonzan’ Me-Nu brick Monastery.

Day 17:

  • Mandalay to Thandwe by flight. Welcoming at the Thandwe Airport and transfer to the hotel at Ngapali.
  • Beach stay at Sandoway Resort.
  • Overnight at Ngapali Beach.

Day 18:

  • Beach Stay at Ngapali Beach.
  • Overnight at Ngapali Beach.

Day 19:

  • Beach Stay at Ngapali Beach.
  • Overnight at Ngapali Beach.

Day 20:

  • Thandwe to Yangon by flight.
  • Welcoming at the airport and transfer to the hotel and sightseeing around Yangon.
  • Overnight at Yangon.

Day 21:

  • Sightseeing Yangon highlights. In the evening transfer to the Yangon International Airport.