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Like any late comer, the place retains ancient monuments and archaic values where a world traveller could thread in a memorable piece of time and delightful sensations to the stock of rewarding trips. And we, Thingazar people, are here to assist your exploration, to arrange your decisions, to oversee your safety, comfort and satisfaction. Welcome to Myanmar.

Myanmar landscapes can be mesmerizing at some place and soothing at another but delightful overall. Serene Ayeyarwady, majestic Yomas, thousand miles of Monsoon beaches, such a vast array of geographical beauties are lined up appropriately in our Thingazar Tour plans. Interspersed are the world class Hotels at city nightfall, best Chinese, European, Indian, Japanese, Korean or Myanmar cuisine throughout the tour. Means of transportation are designed to reflect the mood of tour, and every effort is to maximize your safety, comfort and satisfaction.

“Thinga” means relationship and its derivative Four Thingaha gives the precious concepts of relationship, of any kind.

  • Generosity
  • Courtesy
  • Cherishing
  • Empathy

The syllable “Zar” means awareness. We expect to be able to introduce you to such values through people, arts, livelihoods and landscapes.

Each tour plan is tailored to suit your choice of time-span and selection of destinations that your stay in Myanmar has to be a pleasant one. Package group tour of business conventions, academic seminars, get-together cum leisurely excursions, cultural observations through meditation or any other inclinations, we can customize the tour plans. Whether you intend to tour alone or with family or in-group, just call us and we will arrange every detail and let you enjoy your tour.