Inle Lake is 2880 feet above sea level on the Shan Plateau. Enchanting beauty of high rising ranges at backdrop with 61 square miles of water expanse definitely brings sheer delights. Natives Da-nu. Inn-tharr, Pa-o, Shan and Myanmar have been habituating afloat upon this vast water spread for centuries and it’s really amazing to spend a couple of days wrapped by their culture and this environ.

Phaung-Taw-Oo Pagoda is one of the most revered Buddhist shrine in Burma. Bagan monarch Ahlong Si-Thu of AD 12th Century cherishes five images, dedicated to five Buddhas of this planet Earth, here. Taking Phaung-Taw-Oo as the landmark, the great lake could be toured around.

Hilly routes and scenic visions present best trekking sites. Passing through farming villages of hill tribes gives perceptions of serene lives thriving beautifully in this Third Wave world.

In-Dein, requiring another boat trip, gives spectacular views and absolute serenity.