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  • NAME: Mr, Jon Eisman
    Message: Our trip to Myanmar was wonderful! We loved the temples, the villages, and, especially, the welcoming and beautiful people. Thingazar Tours made all this possible. Your name says it all: awareness of relationship. Sandy, the agent who sorted out all our arrangements, was such a pleasure to work with. She was immediately responsive to our needs, extremely knowledgeable about the country, resources and options, and chose excellent flights, hotels and tour guides. Thank you, Sandy and everyone at Thingazar!
  • Name: Mr, Pablo Nemzoff
    Country: Israel
    Message: Myanmar is a beautiful country. The most near place to heaven, as far as I can imagine.
    We will never forget the great tour we made there. And I’m sure part that the impression we got was thanks to the tour Thingasar organized for us. Professional, accurate, precise, but over all this, with a personal touch that made us a filling you don’t find normally.Great experience! Thanks again.
  • Name: Mr, Sutedja
    Country: Netherlands
    Message: Interested in the scenic beauty of Myanmar and its way of life, our visit(s) have provided us with vivid memories that will remain forever.
  • Name: Mr, sopitikoj
    Message: Hi all!
    Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work! G’night