Nyaung-Oo Market, a typical Upper Myanmar market place relied upon by a hub of villages and towns neighboring around.

Shwe-zi-gon Pagoda, an exquisite feature of Myanmar stupa built on sandstones.

Kyan-sit-thar U-min, a tunnel with fine intricate paintings; Wet-kyi-in Gu-byuk-kyi Temple with ancient mural paintings of Jartaka scenes; Hti-lo-min-lo Temple, famous for its plaster carvings; and Shwe-gu-gyi Temple with fine stucco carvings.

Mya-ze-di Pagoda and its famous stone pillar inscribed with four languages; Myin-ga-ba Gu-byauk-kyi.

Archeological Museum.

Ananda Temple, a temple of massive and finest brick works.

That-byin-nyu Temple, rising to a height of 201 feet above the ground overlooking other monuments around.

Bu-pa-ya close to Ayeyarwaddy river and a fine place to enjoy sunset view.

Mount Popa lies some 50 km southeast of Bagan. Mount Popa is 1,500 meters high extinct volcano with patches of lush green forest. Climbing of the Revered Hillock of Popa, called Taung-ka-lat, is exhilarating with scenic beauties of Bagan Plain and majestic Mount Popa proper at the other side. Taung-ka-lat is a volcanic plug and 400 feet above its base. Sheltered stair case of 777 steps lead up to the top where shrines and pagodas are clustered.